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Welcome to NOVSCRAFT!
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MrBeatz a posted Jul 25, 14

Voting is back

MrBeatz a posted Aug 2, 13
With some help from Paul, I've managed to get voting setup again! 
You can vote for in-game rewards once a day. 
Either click on the "Vote" tab at the top of the website, or click here!: 

The wait is finally over! 
The Faction Wars server is fully updated and ready to go. We apologize for the wait, but we hope that it was worth it. Due to popular demand from the community, we have changed quite a few things on the server. We hope that you like what we've done with Faction Wars, and that your time playing on NOVSCRAFT is fun and enjoyable!

- Map Reset
- World is 12k x 12k (6k from 0,0 borders)
- Anvils Enabled
- Hostile Mobs Enabled
- Nether Enabled (No faction claims)
- Trapped Chests Disabled (Until lockpickable)
- Starting money 2,000
-Starting kit includes Iron armor, Iron pickaxe, 
10 cooked steak and 1 emerald
- Potions available for purchase in Admin Shop
- Disposal signs enabled 
(Type [Disposal] on a sign and it will act like a wastebin)

Donator Money Recoveries
All donators who have donated to the Faction Wars server will receive the In-Game money that they donated for back.
In order to receive your money back you must carefully follow the below guidelines:
- You must submit a form and ONLY 1 form.
Do NOT submit more than 1 form under ANY circumstance.

- You MUST join the server before you submit your form.
If you do not join the server before you submit your form you will not get your money.

- You should receive your in-game money within 24 hours after you submit the form. 
Although, you must allow up to 48 hours due to the large amounts of forms we are handling.
If you have not received your money after 48 hours you must email me using the Contact Us button above. Be nice or I'll make it take longer.

- You will receive the new updated amount of in-game money 
(Iron = 10k, Gold = 30k)

- Donators Obsidian & Bedrock will receive their Faction power boost after their money request form has been successfully processed.

After you have CAREFULLY read and understand the above text, you may...
To submit your form.

You spoke,
We listened.

- NOVS, Beatz
Drop Party! 

Thank you for making these 2 years of NOVSCRAFT absolutely fantastic. 
I hope you've all enjoyed your time here, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

To celebrate 2 awesome years of NOVSCRAFT, and to give thanks back to the community, I will be hosting a huge drop party tonight on the Faction Wars server at 7PM EST. 
I'll be giving out 5 diamonds per person online, plus other random goodies. Tell your friends! 
The more people online, the more diamonds I'll give out!

10 players = 50 diamonds!

25 players = 125 diamonds!

50 players = 250 diamonds!

100 players = 500 diamonds!


Weekend Event!

May 11th & 12th All Day!

Faction Wars Server

Mobs will be enabled world-wide!
Endermen will be ENABLED!

Get 100+ people on the Factions Server at anytime during the weekend and we will extend the event for 3 extra days!

Side News
Read the post below to read up on our newly added commands to track player cords!

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Hey guys timeless is up
Wow i havent played minecraft at all since this went down, just shows how great this was
novs is our hero
Hi everyone from NovsCraft.
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